Sedona Wedding Video Packages

At Sedona Wedding Video, you are able to choose the exact package you need, because we offer hourly rates. We know that each wedding is different and has different needs, so there’s a package for elopements in the red rocks, where you only require an hour of coverage, and there are packages for the all-day wedding — from the “First Look” to the last dance.  For Sedona Wedding Video packages, see the lists below, and scroll down for a comparison table.

We use High-Definition broadcast-quality Sony cameras.  For clear, crisp audio we use Sennheiser wireless lavalier mics, attached to the officiant and the groom.  Professional equipment and knowing how to use it creates a world of difference between the “homemade” movie and an entertaining, enduring story of your Wedding Day.

Editing is done on Mac computers using state-of-the-art software, and includes music of your choice. After the edit is complete, you receive a USB Flash-drive or custom-labeled DVDs mailed to you with a release form so that you may copy them as many times as you wish.


One of our most popular Sedona Wedding Video packages–record your complete ceremony and vows for a lifetime of memories.  Professional audio/video coverage with multiple cameras that’s professionally edited to tell the unique story of your wedding day. One camera moves, allowing for better close-ups of expressions.  Romantic poses will be captured after the ceremony (as time allows) and edited to music of your choice.

      Two Cameras (one static, unmanned, and the other moves) ………$500.00

      Two-Camera Coverage (two camera operators)……………………..$600.00

  ***Three-Camera Coverage (two camera operators, one static cam)..$700.00

         *** One camera on groom, one on the bride, and one covering the red rock setting!



Ceremony Highlights edited to a song of your choice (3-5 min.) and uploaded online, plus raw footage from main camera of complete ceremony burned onto a USB jump-drive. Up to one hour of filming.  For more than one hour of filming, add $150.00 per hour per camera.

Two Cameras (one moving cam, second static-unmanned cam)…………$500.00

Two Cameras (two operators–better coverage)……………………………….$600.00

Three Cams (two operators, + a third static cam)**Best coverage……..$700.00



Coverage of bride prep, ceremony, and the reception. Don’t miss any special moments of your wedding! Edited into a full-feature video that includes your complete ceremony and the highlights of the rest of your day; the “First Look” if you choose, your Reception, the Announcement, First Dance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Garter and Bouquet toss–you choose how many hours you want filmed.

*** Three cameras for the ceremony creates a memorable wedding video. One camera on the groom’s face is unmanned while one operator captures the bride, the 2nd operator captures the scenic shot of the two of you in front of the red rocks–perfect for editing. The rest of the day you have two cameras operated by two of us.

2 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ………..            $750.00
        ***(Third camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $200)
3 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ………….          $1000.00
         *** (Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $300)
4 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ………….           $1250.00
           *** (Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $400)


 5 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ………….           $1500.00
           *** (Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $500)


 6 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ..…………..        $1750.00
           *** (Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $600)


  7 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ..………….         $2000.00
           *** (Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $700)


  8 hours — Two Cameras (one unmanned) with One Operator ..………….         $2250.00
            ***(Third Camera for ceremony and 2nd Camera Operator add $800)


BUDGET SPECIAL–Raw Wedding Footage:

Raw Footage without cuts, titles, audio correction, additional music or dissolves.

    One Camera ..…………………………………………….$200.00 first hour  (one hour minimum)

           SD Memory card straight from camera–Add…….$25.00

           Footage burned to a DVD or USB drive–Add…….$50.00

           ***$150.00 each additional hour of filming with one camera

    Two-Camera Raw Footage Light-Edit …………..$350.00   *** Best Value!

         One hour of filming with two cameras (one stationary and unmanned) that are later lined up    and cut in the editing room. The wide-shot will show your spectacular red rock setting and the moving camera will show your expressions. No added music, titles, audio correction or dissolves. This is a rough-cut and can be edited later if desired.  Delivered on USB jump-drive.

***Additional hours for the Light Edit package are $200 per hour which includes the editing

Note: For all packages, the hours are consecutive.  If there are multiple locations, drive-time is included as working hours.  


Sedona Wedding Video Packages Comparison Table

Number of Hours NeededOne Camera Raw Footage
(Memory Card from Cam)
Edited Feature Video
2 Cameras both Ceremony and Reception
Highlight Video - 2 Cameras for Ceremony, 1 Camera for Reception Lite Edit
2 Cameras -- Ceremony
1 Camera -- reception
1 Hour$225 $500$500$350
2 Hours$375$750$650$550
3 Hours$525$1000$800$750
4 Hours$675$1250$950$950
5 Hours$825$1500$1100$1150
6 Hours$975$1750$1250$1350
7 Hours$1125$2000$1400$1550
8 Hours$1275$2250$1550$1750


Personally-labeled DVD (with photo on the cover): $50.00  (you may want this if a USB Flash-Drive came with your package)

Copies of personally-labeled DVDs: $19.00 each, or a 5-pack for $75.00

USB Flash-Drive copy: $50.00 (You may want this if your package came with DVDs)

***Call us and ask us to explain the different formats and resolutions for delivery. In today’s technology, there are lots of delivery options, and they all take a different path in the editing room! Compressing a 75-minute video for DVD, burning it, and then choosing a freeze-frame for your label, editing it and then printing it is one path. The other path is compressing the same 75 minutes so it can be copied onto a USB Flash-drive and viewed on your computer or any devices with a USB drive. The second path is less labor intensive, but the media is more expensive.

DVDs are older technology and still popular for preserving your wedding video, even though the High Definition video gets compressed to Standard Definition format to fit on the DVD.

USB Flash-Drives can hold more gigabytes (and so less compression of the video is necessary) and there is free software that allows you to view them easily. Unfortunately, the Flash-drives aren’t labeled with a pretty picture of the two of you. The compressed format, similar to what you’d compress for a Youtube upload, can be uploaded online. The Quicktime movie H.264 format is sharper than the compression for a DVD.


Additional hours of coverage, more than one location, rehearsal dinner, etc. are all available options.