Frequently Asked Questions

Sedona Wedding Video Info:

Why should I have my wedding video done by a professional wedding videographer?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and asking your cousin or friend who is not a professional wedding videographer will most likely turn out disappointing simply because of their lack of experience. Even a professional videographer, who knows how to capture audio and knows how to get a great picture on his equipment, won’t necessarily know what positions he needs to be at the ceremony in unless he has lots of experience at weddings. It has taken me many weddings to finally hone the best way to capture weddings while still keeping them affordable. Feel free to call me to discuss the various packages and obtain more Sedona Wedding Video information.

Can I hire you for the ceremony and just the start of the reception?

You can!  I charge according to the amount of time I’m at a wedding, so you can hire me for one hour or eight. I recommend that if budget is a consideration, you move up the schedule of some of the activities to get them filmed before dinner. An example is to have the “First Dance” right after the Announcement, and perhaps the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances immediately following. Some people will also do the cake-cutting before dinner.

The key is to figure out what’s important to you–do you love the idea of the “getting ready” moments being part of the video–having shots of your beautiful dress hanging and having footage of your make-up being done–or are you more interested in capturing some of the speeches and toasts later in the evening?

Can I pick and choose the options I want? I want a Highlight Video and a Full-Feature Video.

Yes–I offer an a-la-carte menu! Say, for example you order a Full-Feature edit, you can also order a Highlight Video at a discounted price of $250. 

Raw Footage-One Camera:  The very least expensive package is not meant to be edited because it is just one camera, and you have nothing to edit to when the camera moves. You get great audio of your ceremony and vows, as in all the other packages, but there is no audio-editing or any other editing. Cost is $225-$250 per hour, depending on whether you want it delivered on an SD card straight from the camera, or burned onto a USB drive. The only editing you’d ever want to do on this footage later on is add music, audio sweetening, dissolves, etc., but you won’t have any close-ups of your expressions except in profile.

One-Hour Ceremony Package: Two cameras–one stationary, and one moving during the ceremony. One camera shows the wide shot with the background (red rocks) behind you, and the moving cam angle is behind you to get your partner’s face, then it goes behind him to get your face (at key moments, like during vows). The ceremony is kept in it’s entirety as it’s edited to show the best shot at each moment, and includes music, titles, audio-sweetening, color correction, dissolves, and the romantic shots after the ceremony set to music.  An edited video is wonderful if you’ll be showing it to other people who couldn’t be at your wedding.

Delivery Options: A USB flash drive has higher resolution and is easier to make copies of than a DVD, but a DVD has a picture and title on the front and makes a lovely gift. One USB drive or two DVDs come with a package, not both options, but the other option can be ordered at an additional charge.

Feel free to call Leslie at 928-282-4488 for more Sedona Wedding Video information!